Thursday, 19 November 2009

Giveaway with Pikaland this week!

On Pikaland today and until the 26th November you have the chance to win a free giveaway prize worth about $40. Just go here and comment to be entered into the draw! Do it! The winner gets a pack of my 2009 limited edition cards and an original pencil drawing similar to the one pictured with the cards. These drawings are done completely spontaneously - I just get my pencil and start drawing on a bit of paper so what comes out at the end is pretty unpredictable but usually fun. I will post the prize anywhere in the world for free, so get over there now and write something thrilling in the comments. Thank you SO much to Amy for doing this with me - you're great.

I am also listing some of these original drawings for sale in my Etsy shop today. Here is a peek at one of them:

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