Thursday, 26 November 2009

in love...

I have fallen head over heels for this house, located not too far from where I grew up in Bewdley, Worcestershire. This amazing Georgian house, in Bitterley near Ludlow, hasn't been on the market since 1899 and is in need of total renovation. It has the most incredible, higgledy-piggledy layout, comes with all the kind of things I want, like wide floorboards, a boot room, a proper larder, store rooms and outbuildings, and has a lawned, large garden big enough to keep chickens and grow a substantial amount of vegetables. It is in a stunning patch in Shropshire where you are just getting towards the Welsh foothills, and with Ludlow, foodie capital of England, just a few miles down the road, it's perfect.

And you can get this little piece of heaven for £300k! I want to move there NOW!

Now, dare I label this post with the 'shopping' tag?! ahaha.


  1. OMG My mum lives in Bitterley!!!!!! What a coincidence! I bet her landlord is the one selling this (one family owns almost everything...)

    It is a stunning area-one of the most stunning I've seen in the UK.

    However there are some downsides-very bad flooding for one and no shops (I think the village shop closed down many years ago).

    Its a pretty hard place to run a business from-when I stayed with my mum the road literally got swept away and I walked down into the village and several houses were badly flooded (not for the first time either).

    Shropshire is much underrated though!

  2. That's so weird! Small world...

    I guess maybe the flooding (there is a brook on one of the garden boundaries) might be a deterrent. Damn! It is so beautiful around there, though :-/

    We want to move to Shropshire or Powys and grow organic food on a smallholding whilst opening an online vintage shop, but I suppose a post office not too far away would be helpful for such a venture!

  3. If it has a brook, then it will have been flooded. I saw someone in the village with a brook in their garden-and it was no longer in their garden but in their living room!

    The owners looked very sad and lots of people were watching (they also had firemen there-I guess they come round to check people are OK).

    I would always ask if a house had been flooded before and try to buy on a hill!

    You definitely need to think about location with an online shop-small post offices are closing a lot (the one you are near won't close because its an army base) so its good to be a drive away from a smallish town (with several road routes-my mums literally became a river and we were stuck-there were chunks of wall and tarmac floating along and it was too dangerous to wade through it was that strong!!!).

    Lets hope the post office get their act together soon-they have really hindered a lot of really great small businesses this year with strikes and closures-a lot of whom were in rural areas. But if the post works, then you have a global market with the internet, which is pretty awesome!