Friday, 6 November 2009

Things afoot

I have a few things in the pipeline here for the shop. A few new friends will be appearing there next week, I hope. The weather here has been dreary, and in a house that already lacks light, finding an opportunity to photograph products in natural light is difficult to say the least.

Instead of working today, I got distracted with this project (above). Can you guess what it is? I have since finished it, but you'll have to wait until next week before I show you how it turned out. Photographed in very unnatural light on top of my Wacom tablet. deary me. I worked on and off on my sewing today until my agent called and asked me to trace some of Alison Carmichael's beautiful hand-rendered type into Flash (at least I believe it was hers!). Check out her amazing work if you haven't ever heard of her - but for sure you will have seen her work before in the UK for such big names as Cadbury's, Sainsbury's, Aero, Hellman's and today, Douwe Egberts... I felt like I was riding roughshod all over her careful work with my tracing. The image below is one of my favourites (from the Creative Review website).

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