Thursday, 8 April 2010

One Hundred Days - no. 82

A penguin for Kat and Laura.

How about this for an idea: write requests for things for me to draw in the comments section of my posts e.g. an animal, or several animals/people, or some kind of interaction, like 'a mongoose eating a pineapple', 'two canaries fighting over a sausage'. Go on. It'll be fun! I think I need to be brought out my dog/rodent comfort zone for the final push!


  1. My best friend shares his life with a wee smiley orange being (actually, a Bassett's Money Box) named Jelly (coincidentally) and, as Jelly is constantly getting into mischief, there are many stories to be told. I have actually always thought that if he wrote a children's book (he should) you would be perfect to illustrate it. Anyhow, here's one of the anecdotes, copied from an old email:

    Jelly was not with me as he has been in a mood due to my refusal to drive him into Cambridge. Instead, he went on the bus, pulling his little cardboard sign with ill-grace. He stands in front of trinity college and japanese tourists take his photograph for a pound a pop. He's currently running a special offer - 3 photos for £1.00 and a Big Mac. Then he charges 1.50 for pictures of him eating, which strangely interests his cooing audience.

    He had obviously had a good day, as when I returned he had purchased a top hat and a monocle.

    A funny old world!

    On second thought, that might be a bit more work than you were hoping for. :-S

  2. Hehe. I thought suggestions would actually get a bit annoying, but I love the penguin!

    I'm thinking, cheesy though it sounds, there could be some election themes. I'd like to see what the different parties would be if they were zoo animals. After all, none of the parties seem to be mentioning any policies so they might as well be talking taxidermy!

  3. :-) Lynn - I can't even imagine what Jelly looks like (a jelly baby? or am I completely misunderstanding?). Funnily enough, I have a teddy who also has a very strange lifestyle involving an over-priced greasy spoon cafe and an addiction to anchovies... best not go there!

    I think this one might require a bit of thought!

    Hi Kat - thanks for that, I'll have a think. Nice topical idea :-)

  4. He's brilliant! Thanks! :D

    I do like the idea of suggesting animals, and I will put my best thinking cap on now...

  5. Hmmm. Yes, exactly. Like this found picture:

    That's (a) Jelly on the left. Him - :-) - on the right is (a) Jelvis. As it happens, Jelvis lives with me, as Jelly did NOT deign to share affections.

    I know. Lots of thought. I'm sorry to have saddled you with a challenge!

  6. ah, I see! Well, I'll have a think. No promises I'll do anything good, though!!! x

  7. I have a request for you via my boyfriend...he has a bit of an "eccentric" aunt who has a real thing for unicorns. It would make us laugh ALOT if you could create a really degenerate looking unicorn doing something very un-unicorn looking at porn or drinking gin from a bottle in a brown paper bag...or both!! :D