Friday, 9 April 2010

One Hundred Days - no. 83

SPECIES: Lapinus labourius (flatulentis)
DESCRIPTION: Once a popular choice, this particular breed of rabbit has become somewhat inbred in recent years and now suffers from a whole host of disorders that have emerged in the most recent generation. Symptoms include severe flatulence, eye problems (blindness, tendency to look in the opposite direction from where it is going), respiratory difficulties and emotional instability. No longer suitable for most domestic environments, this animal is best kept in outdoor pens and handled with extreme caution.

Thanks for your suggestions - I will try to do all of them at some point! They are all great. Today, I thought I'd kick things off with the Labour Party. I have very few political leanings and am mostly a greeny neutral/ignorant sort of person. I am tempted to spoil my ballot paper instead of voting. So these pictures don't really say anything at all about what I think of the parties.


  1. Haha!!!! GENIUS!!!!

    I hope you do vote though, no matter who its for! (But yes, I also get that urge, where my hand wavers, to go vote for some crazy party, as frankly the whole system is somewhat laughable at times).

  2. Wow Karen, you've captured the very essence of John Prescott! :P

  3. just cam e across your blog it's great. love your work

  4. Hi Kristyna - nice to meet you! I just had a look at your work and it's lovely!