Friday, 7 May 2010

Happy weekend!

I'm afraid I'm too busy with work today to write or draw anything here. Please forgive me. Tonight we are welcoming weekend guests to our house who will be going with us tomorrow to swing amongst some trees in Thetford Forest. I am looking forward to climbing trees and behaving like a boy with some of my very best friends. Then we will have a big party in our tiny house, cook dinner and make a mess. We are calling it a 'house-cooling' party: a last hurrah before we move on.

Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. Cool! Have a great time. There's an Aerial Extreme quite close to me. If I wasn't such a pussy, I'd go, but I have a height phobia!!

    Enjoy x

  2. :-) It was brilliant! You should definitely go, even if you are a bit scared of heights! x