Monday, 24 May 2010

the weekend

Wasn't it a glorious weekend here? We were blessed with some amazing weather, perfect for prandling about the North Wales countryside in search of the perfect house. We went to some of the loveliest countryside in the UK, and the only photo I took was the one above. Someone shoot me. It was in the attic of that beautiful townhouse in Ruthin I was going on about the other week. My goodness, was the house in a state! Whilst it was a wonderful building and had heaps of potential, I reckon it would take between 50 and 100 thousand pounds to do it up, what with a leaking roof, cracked walls and a pervasive smell of damp on the ground floor... I'm afraid that if we bought the place we would have bitten off MUCH more than we could chew, so sadly I think it's not for us :-). We simply do not have the building contacts, know-how and friends that would be necessary to complete a job like this without bankrupting ourselves!

We also saw a wonderful farmhouse with a detached artist's studio and paddock, but somehow I didn't like the house at all. Then we saw an immense 16th century merchant's house in one of the sweetest villages in the area, but which didn't have a big enough garden for its price. Oh, and lastly we went to possibly the most depressing cottage I've ever set foot in. I wanted to die as soon as we stepped out of the car. I can't even describe why.

So, no house-buying was achieved, but I did get this lovely vintage mirror for £3 at an attic sale in Ruthin market :-)

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