Friday, 28 May 2010


This morning I would kill small mammals for the staircase in this house. It's the lack of a bannister that gets me excited. Not great for children/older folk/drunks, but I am none of those right now (although occasionally childish/drunk), so it works for me :-)

Or if you want a bannister, how about this one (above)?

But maybe those are a bit sterile, so how about something a little less white-on-white, like this or this below?


  1. I like how the first staircase has a beaten up look- not too perfect. And the Victorian tiles are gorgeous. I have terracotta and yellow (I think it used to be white..back in 1895!) in my hall, and they give everything a weird orange glow. x

  2. it's the chips that stop the thing from looking too white and boring, I think.

    I would love some gorgeous tiles - Minton patterned ones would be my choice if I had any :-) Sounds like you live in a nice house!