Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Work and stuff and Peter Callesen

Goodness me, more work is coming in! I am both pleased and tired. One of the jobs, fingers crossed, will be doing paper cut-outs using *gasp* my own hands and a scalpel and NO computer. I really hope this one works out. I did a test for it today and the response has been good so far. I like the sore patch on my index finger now. It feels like I've done something proper!

So I'm likely to be busy again and not around here as much as I'd like. Apologies in advance.

In the spirit of all things amazing and paper-cutty, here's a link to the work of Peter Callesen (that's his image above, not mine!), an artist I discovered a few months ago and whose work is quite similar to what I will be trying to achieve. I love how he manipulates the paper once he has cut it out of the sheet so that it becomes something different, even 3D. Some of them look like he simply cannot have made them out of one sheet of paper, but whether he has or not, the effect is often marvellous.

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