Friday, 16 October 2009


I really shouldn't get so excited about this, but I am. Yesterday I came across a link to Fontcapture via Pikaland - thanks Amy. In a nutshell, you download a template, draw your own font into the boxes, scan and upload the template and hey presto, your own writing as a font. The possibilities! The kerning isn't great, and depends a lot on where you place your letter in the box, but it's great fun. Apparently you can also do this at Here's the little test I did in about 10 minutes just now:

It's called karenbasic and if by any chance you want a copy of the font, just comment with your e-mail address (but use 'at' and 'dot' instead of your actual address so you don't get spammed). I'll be sure to have another attempt or six very soon and maybe they will get better. I think some more stylising would be good for this - a bit more thought required, though!

I've been a busy beaver this week - drawing lots of cars, bushes, trees and monkeys for Skoda. It's the best job I've had in a while - it feels great to be using a paintbrush again, even though I'm cheating by tidying up and altering colours in dear old Photoshop... what did I ever do before I learned how to use this program?

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  1. Karen...I neeeeed your handwriting :P

    You have my email X x x