Monday, 26 October 2009

the weekend

was smug-making - we were in a local junk shop and they had not one, but TWO pieces of wonderful 1970s G-Plan furniture in GREAT condition. I feel kind of bad, I hate spending money, but I couldn't resist getting the little chest of drawers that were from the Fresco range, first manufactured in 1966. It is just such good quality stuff. Just to make me feel more smug I found this chest on eBay selling for five times what I paid for it. Unfortunately, the other piece was a Fresco sideboard and we most certainly don't have room for that in the house. The chest is now the proud container for my piles of A3 paper, printer paper and junky bits of card, and it looks great next to my mid-century desk. I think one can have too much teak in the house - it's quite orange, but I like to mix things up and a bit of modern is kind of cool, I think, next to 17th century wooden beams. I would take a picture, only the weather is so grim here that the room is depressingly gloomy. Maybe some other time. G-Plan still make the Fresco range today, but it looks different from how it used to. Read a little more about vintage G-Plan here.

What else? We went to see Up by Pixar - what a delightful, sad, funny, imaginative film. I loved it for its beautiful animation, character design and storytelling. And the talking dog, Dug. OMG, I wish I could have him for real! (Image from

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