Thursday, 29 October 2009

stuff and nonsense

I went to London yesterday and did several good things. Well, they were good for me if no-one else. Firstly I visited the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road where you can see all the amazing and strange things that Sir Henry Wellcome collected during his travels in the early 20th Century. There were some properly weird things there - glass eyes, Japanese sex aids, Napoleon's toothbrush, phallic amulets with wings or horses' legs. Brilliant. See more images here.

Next up I made my pilgrimage to Anthropologie on Regent Street. My goodness, I could have bought the lot - such beautiful clothes (waaaaaaay to expensive), and lovely homewares. I loved their living wall of plants - a nice touch. But me being a miser and all that, I came away with nothing. Not a sausage. I did want a pair of patterned tights, some delicious solid perfume, more bowls, a delightfully odd cruet set and most of the jewellery. Sigh.

Then I stopped off at Cos and Banana Republic because I'd never been in either before. Shame I don't have a proper grown-up's job where I need to dress like I'm not a 19-year-old student. There were such beautiful colours and interesting cuts at Cos. I'm still too much of a cheapo at heart, though, so I went next door and bought trousers from H&M instead :-(. Sniff.

Enough with the clothes talk. Went for dinner at Vivat Bacchus in London Bridge where they have not one but TWO cheese rooms. Oh yes. OK, OK, so again I went cheap and had their set menu deal, but the cheese was a tempting thought and maybe to be tried next time. In retrospect, the lemon posset dessert nearly killed me, so maybe the cheese might have been a better and less sugary idea.

Work has been piling in again and I'm doing a great job of not getting on with it... snore!

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