Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Peace Industry rugs

These lovely rugs designed and made by Peace Industry caught my eye yesterday whilst I was thumb-twiddling between jobs. They are felted wool rugs, made using traditional Iranian techniques dating back to the Neolithic age. They have a Flickr gallery where you can see the rugs in situ - I think they look pretty good with mid-century style furniture (speaking of which, that pendant lamp at auction that had an estimate of £60-90? Sold for £320. Sheesh! And the Eames chair: £700).


  1. These are really funky. I bit weathered looking, which I like. All of the designs are really unusual. x

  2. i LOVE the rug that has the cat on it, very simple and pretty!! eames chairs are fabulous too, but pricey!

  3. Thanks! I love their texture and the muted colours. x