Thursday, 10 June 2010

wastefulness at the dump

So on Saturday the husband and I were at the local dump getting rid of some garden cuttings. For months I had been meaning to have a snoop around the 'household waste' section to see what people had thrown away, ever since I spotted some beautiful plywood school chairs a while back. You know what I found? A Minolta SLR camera in its case, plus a tube of pristine matching lenses. I nearly died, they were so good.

I picked them up to sneak them back to the car... But NO! Some bloke in an orange jacket apprehended me as I sniggered gleefully over my armful of treasure and wagged a prohibiting finger. Get this - the managing company's policy does not allow people to take things away from the dump for various stupid reasons. After some wrangling with the first guy's supervisor I still left empty handed. Mortifying.

What I want to know the most, though, is WHY on earth someone decided to throw those things away instead of eBaying them or at least donating them to a charity shop where they could have done some good! So wasteful.

Ah, health and safety, eh? Nonsense.


  1. No! That's terrible! Nothing like a jobs-worth to ruin your fun. :(

  2. :-( I know. I smiled and batted my eyelashes but still, no. damn!

  3. This is what I hate about rules. Rules are great in that they avoid chaos, but rules are not great when they avoid common sense.

    Much can be learnt from so-called "developing countries" resourcefulness when it comes to waste.

    Kat in Argyll

  4. Hi Kat, nice to hear from you! How's Scotland?

    I know what you mean. It's so annoying when things just go to waste for no good reason. It's probably rusting in landfill now. So sad. x