Monday, 21 June 2010

Ten years

I know, I know, it makes me sound SO OLD, but I thought I'd tell you a little story. Ten years ago, some time late on Midsummer's night on the Bowling Green in Pembroke College, Cambridge, I was standing just around where that red X is on the photo above, striking a deal with my future husband. We were just nineteen years old and had been inseparable friends since bonding on a geology field trip with the university. It was time to make things official after nearly two months of dancing around each other and NOT saying how we felt (or in my case not KNOWING how I felt). It was time to get my hooks into the boy.

It has been a wonderful ten years, my darling. We are both better dressed, better behaved, and have better hair than we did in those days. Thank you.

Image from here.


  1. It has been wonderful sweetheart and I can't believe how lucky I have been. xxx

    Am I really better behaved though?

  2. you do have better hair though.

  3. :) It doesn't make you sound old at all Karen. Maybe this is because I'm old-sounding too though! But, regardless, thank you for sharing your story and a very happy anniversary to you both. x

  4. :-) thanks! The time has certainly flown by! And yes, at least he has better hair (not cut by his mother any more!)