Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm off again...

Here are some pictures from our weekend excursion to Anglesey - we went for a wander, under gloomy skies, along Newborough Beach to Ynys Llanddwyn, or Lovers' Island. It was one of the most beautiful stretches of the British coast that I've ever been to, with moody Snowdonia and the Llŷn Peninsula dramatically in backdrop. I loved how much the shoreline varied in character even on a circuit of the tiny island, ranging from peaceful bays and cormorant-topped islets in the east to blustery dunes and wave-pounded, jagged rocks in the west. It also boasted the clearest seawater I've ever seen - it was all I could do not to strip down to my undies and jump in. It was probably a wise choice not to swim, given that the water was freezing - we could hear the screams of grown men from a foolhardy party of swimmers on the island. We ate a picnic lunch on a sheltered beach, from where we watched a pair of seals messing around in the water just offshore and we even took a paddle, only knee-deep(!), in the icy water ourselves. For the first time in weeks I felt awake and refreshed. It was pretty much perfect.

I am off on a canalboat holiday with friends for four days from Tuesday. We will be taking a boat from Devizes, well-stocked with food and drink :-) The weather is looking good for the next few days, so we are looking forward to it!

Have a lovely week - I will be back next Monday :-)


  1. Very jealous- I love Anglesey. If I might be so bold as to reccommend a couple of places- Aberffraw (a small but lovely beach) and Penmon Point. Penmon Point is an interesting trek past a really old church, house and dovecote. By moonlight it's a really spoooky beach (by the light of the lighthouse) :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for the suggestions - I've heard that Aberffraw is beautiful, so we will definitely visit some other day. I hadn't been to Anglesey since I was a kid, so it was really lovely to discover how amazing it was all over again :-)