Tuesday, 3 August 2010

work work work

I am trying to pack up an over-stuffed two-bed house here and the work keeps on coming in!!! Yesterday it was Fiat's turn to get a little of the Karen treatment... Oh, but I do like those Fiat 500s!


  1. I've just been on your website and i love love love your illustrations. haha you seem to find the same kind of things interesting as i do (in your about me bit)


  2. Hi Jaymie! So nice of you to leave a comment (I love it when people leave comments)! I'm glad you like my work. I just took a look at your profile and blog - sounds like you're just starting out on your career, which is so exciting, but I can understand how difficult it is to choose what to do after foundation. I nearly went off to do woven and knitted textiles! Imagine that!

    Anyway, I loved what you wrote about yourself - a girly tomboy is much how I would describe myself too :-)