Thursday, 26 August 2010


I need something for the floor in my new studio space. It's still very much a work in progress - see the pictures leaning up against the foot of the bookcase and the bits of junk and loose wires? - there's way too much brown and orangey wood going on here, what with the warm wood of the floor as well as my random pieces of mismatching furniture. I'm liking the Roneotype printer on its silvery blue-green industrial trolley, the only thing apart from my noticeboard that is NOT brown. And the lovely high ceilings are screaming out for a couple of industrial pendants to light the room. But back to my point: do you have any suggestions for rugs? I don't like orange, lime green, purple or pink :-) I'm thinking maybe a flatwoven Ikea rug for cheapness. Would it be wrong to want something just black and white, or grey? (I already have a different black and white one in the living room) Do I need more colour (other than brown) in my life?

I would also like a few things to make the house a bit cosier. It is much larger than our old home, so our belongings are spread out more and it feels a bit spartan. Only having one floor rug and one serviceable blanket (which is really a shawl) for the entire house is a bit meagre, I think.

Grey striped blanket, £160, from Jane Beck Welsh Blankets.

Grey cobweave wool throw (left), £42, Thing of Beauty.

Or maybe a splash of colour would cheer things up. Mustard mohair throw, £42, Thing of Beauty.

Ah. Time for a bit of shopping, I think. Tomorrow the husband and I are doing a dry-run of his commute to Manchester. I may drag him around some shops whilst we are at it. I'll be back on Monday. Have a good weekend, all!


  1. Get one of these:

  2. Or any of these:

  3. Baz, you take the piss. I particularly liked the 'pimento loaf' rug, however. It looks rather like mortadella to me. yum yum xx

  4. oh wow!! your studio space looks soo serene, and that printer is soo cool!

  5. :-) Thanks, Sandy! It's really starting to come together now - I will post up more pictures when it is a bit tidier! And the printer - even if I still haven't worked out how to use it, it still looks pretty cool in my workspace. It at least makes me look like I don't spend all my day in front of those two computer screens on the desk! xx