Thursday, 17 December 2009


Well, OK, it's nothing that interesting. I heat-fixed my egg cups and packaged them up ready to give away.

And here is my latest sartorial creation, a loose fitting dolman-sleeved long blouse tunic thing made from the softest cotton lawn fabric. The buttons are from my recent trip to Newark - the top button is Czech. Don't look too closely at the hand-sewn bits!

I'm off to a Christmas dinner with the husband this afternoon (oh, what to wear?!). I really should be working right now instead of pootling about here. I have been spending far too much time on eBay these last few days missing out on a nearly new pair of Toast roper boots (I was too much of a miser to go over £80), and then searching for an affordable alternative that won't make me look like a posh pony-riding girl, a biker or a cowboy. Not easy... I shall let you know how it goes. Bye!


  1. I love non-matching buttons!

    I think buttons can really finish a garment (f**** I used the word "garment"-been reading too many blogs!).

    Have a serious boot fetish. Must not re-buy purple DMs of youth or the big black lace up ones I've always wanted...

  2. Garment! You poor thing.

    Talking of big black lace up boots... I will be writing up some more boots today.