Friday, 11 December 2009

bye for now

I'm off for the weekend. Have been spending the day having my body seen to at the dentist's and the hairdresser, followed by a spot of blouse making (again! Am I getting boring?). Now I'm thinking about getting ready to go up to Birmingham. The husband and I have really been bitten by the Shropshire/Wales bug and our feet are itching to move house to somewhere in that region. We are spending the whole of Saturday having a nose around to see what it's like. It's been a long time since I was there, but I adore it, as long as we can find a property that is rural enough but with internet! Will try and remember to bring the camera this time :-)

The husband brought home a Christmas tree the other day. I am still a bit short of baubles, but I am fussy about what is allowed on the tree and tend to go for a minimalist look - baubles only, and each one special or beautiful in some way or other. Maybe one day I will make a chain of beads, maybe colourless crystals and pearls, to use as a garland. Last year we cut a gazillion surprisingly beautiful paper snowflakes to hang in the rear hallway with fairy lights. They kept very well, pressed underneath the baubles and have made a reappearance this year.

Have a great weekend.

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