Tuesday, 8 December 2009

this and that...

Had a wonderful weekend in Glasgow doing lots of girly shopping, chatting and eating far too much sugar. What a beautiful and interesting city Glasgow is - undeserving of its rough reputation, it really is a great place, if a bit rainy and cold! I have never in my life seen so many good charity and vintage shops arrayed in such density. I stupidly didn't bring a camera on any of my travels, though. I came home with a bright woollen Pringle sweater that was pretty much brand new with its original tags still on it. It all adds to the country eccentric look I have been obsessing about recently.

Newark last Thursday was amazing, but it was so damned COLD! Seriously, even with my winter gear and sheepskin boots I was so cold I could barely think. Plus being on my own was a bit sad - wished the husband could have been with me. I passed by a trio of lovely big pressed glass German jam jars with strawberry logos on them. I didn't ask for the price and when I came back later to do so they were, of course, gone. Bought by someone with a bit more gumption than me :-( What else did I not buy? Some beautifully soft hand-knitted French socks, two pairs of stripey bloomer/pyjama things, a large piece of lovely printed fabric (seriously rude dealer didn't deserve my custom, and I was only being cheeky with my offer!), and two amazing French wooden pull-along toys that, at £40 each, were just too much for miserly me.

In the end, I purchased five extraordinary chemist's bottles etched deeply with the names of the chemicals they used to hold. Real beauties they were and it took a bit of haggling to get them down to a decent price. All they need is a good clean. I also ended up with a selection of vintage buttons and two large serving dishes for when we have guests. Ah, such happiness in spending!


  1. I can't remember the jumper. Is my memory really bad or did you somehow sneak some shopping in somewhere???

    Loving the chemical jars. Not sure it would be a good idea to put anything drinkable in them though-I'd be scared there would still be traces of stuff. Which is a shame because drinking wine out of a bottle that said manganous sulphate would be pretty cool...

  2. Haha! It was in that last shop, Vintage Guru where I was rummaging through the men's knitwear. It was great for £12 :-)

    Yeah, I was thinking those bottles would be great for serving drinks but had the same thought about the chemicals they used to have in them... damn!

  3. Oh god, yes I think my brain was scrambled by that point!!!!