Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I can't wait...

until next Friday when the husband and I are running off to Wales for a few days. We will be scouting around for places to buy a house, having a peek at a couple of properties we've been eyeing up, and the rest of the time we will be doing a lot of walking.

So today I was wondering what to write about and came up with a blank. But as I like to say: when in doubt (and with time on your hands), turn to Polyvore! What clothes would I like to wear on a short break in springtime Wales? (OK, the shorts are a bit optimistic...)

spring weekend
This is the set that I randomly put together just now. Comparing this one to the others I've done, there is definitely a theme going on here - very simple, lots of neutrals, shorts worn with long sleeves, a snip of blue and a pop of colour in the accessories... but it's not even as if I dress like this - I hate my legs so shorts are a bit of an issue! I need to get over that...

Items in this set: Grey cardigan, Jack Wills, $170; Embly Racer Back Tee, 39 GBP; Vanessa Bruno Athe Wool cargo shorts, $105; Carraville Walking Socks, 24 GBP; Moccasin Boots, $240; Toast Elsie Satchel, 325 GBP; Bordfield Belt, 79 GBP. Other items - Barbour Beaufort wax jacket, Stanley food flask, necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity, squirrel necklace, blue scarf and Toast blanket - click here for the full list of items.

Of all of those things I only own the Barbour jacket and Stanley flask. Well, I suppose I could put together a vest, shorts and cardigan combo too, plus long socks and lace-up boots. I'm almost there! Bring on next Friday!


  1. Have a great time in Wales, wherever you go, and good luck with the hunt!

    I wonder if Polyvore have unattractive kagouls for driving Welsh rain to add to your ensemble? You know...the ones that draw tight around your head with a string and pack into their own bag. Nice.


  2. You know, Polyvore has this widget thing that allows you to save images from most webpages to import into Polyvore. So all I'd have to do is find such a kagoule on a website somewhere and import it! Yay! I should have thought of that one. I've got one just like that somewhere in my wardrobe... :-)