Monday, 26 April 2010


Here are just a few shots from some of our walking in Wales. I can't wait until I can do this every weekend!

Hope you all had a good weekend. What did I do? I filled in lots of forms for house-selling, roasted a chicken and raided some charity shops (EIGHT new Le Parfait and Kilner jars for 50p each?! A no brainer, I think). On Sunday we rounded up all the awful unwanted gifts and junk that have been cluttering up our loft space and carted it off to sell at a car boot sale. The husband and I looked like proper market sellers in his flat cap, my wax jacket and home-sewn florals, and especially with his Yorkshire accent. We even made money from some godawful things that we thought would never sell. OK, the leopard-print dessert plates that were a wedding gift were uniformly ignored, but we managed to get rid of some other horrors despite their ugliness. What fun!


  1. Leopard? Not really? :-S

    It has always amazed me, what sells and doesn't sell. Once upon a time, when my husband was off in China, my daughter and I organised a garage sale, and completely miscalculated the popularity of bedlinens. I would never buy bedlinens second hand - unless vintage, embroidered, and tatted-edged, mind - but all my out-of-favour sheets and duvet covers (tied into sets with pretty bows: presentation seems to count) sold out in an hour.

    I need to do something like that again. Stat.

  2. Oh yes, LEOPARD PRINT, in capital letters, with moulded edges. Maybe I'll take a photo and post it up for the shame of it. I take it as my punishment for not having a wedding list...

    It amazed me what people bought. A fake jade cockroach? A lurid purple notebook shaped like a handbag and two rusted out vintage blowtorches? Crazy... We did have a nice selection of vintage tins that we were selling off and this attracted a few people over.

    Sounds like your sheets must have looked very pretty :-) Clever idea. Maybe I'll try something like that next time! It was a lot of fun.