Thursday, 8 April 2010

Where do you think this is?

No, not France - Wales, would you believe? Purely out of nosiness we will be looking at this house next Friday. It belongs to an artist and his wife. There is a separate converted garage which is currently his studio and is full of paintings of jackets and things like that. They have crammed the place full of beautiful vintage things and it is probably a bit too 'finished' for us to buy it (this isn't the one with that pine kitchen I showed you the other day!), but since we're up there, we may as well take a look :-) The house is outside Bodfari and Offa's Dyke passes very close by. The countryside around there is stunning - I have a feeling I will like this place a lot.


  1. This is a really pretty house. Enjoy nosing around! x

  2. Yeah I love it!

    I guess it helps to look at the more top-end stuff as you can have an idea of what you could do and how much it would be worth if you went for the crazy strip-lighting pine place.

    I really have watched far too much Kirsty and Phil recently...

  3. It's certainly pretty - I love the colour of those shutters :-)

    We will also be seeing the strip lighting place - but there is a lot of interest in the house because it has a lot of potential, so it may sell before we get there next Friday :-/