Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Oh dear. I really shouldn't be let loose in London. Not only did I buy a lovely grey coat for the husband but my hand, uh, slipped in Urban Outfitters and I ended up with these trousers in navy. Oops! They are just the thing I've been looking for, though, that's what I'm telling myself.

I also had a close encounter with these shoes at the Faith sale (Faith are in administration so everything is 20% off right now) but I walked away at the last minute. Seriously, I could have done a lot of damage to our bank balance yesterday if I'd let myself. Thankfully I only got the trousers, although I could have bought up half of Urban Outfitters, including these super-impractical suede booties. Dangerous.

OK, enough with the clothes! I'll be back with some drawing later this afternoon.


  1. Nice trousers! They do some cool stuff in Urban Outfitters. I could wander round the coffee table books for a good while x

  2. I could spend ages in there looking at everything...!