Monday, 10 May 2010

One Hundred Days no.92

Oh dear. I seem to have been stumbling at the last hurdle with these drawings. This is how I feel after the weekend I've just had. Lazy drawing. Sorry.


  1. My vote for a drawing.

    Two separate flocks of sheep (one bunch with wolves heads and the other just looking ready for the slaughterhouse) and a lamb in the middle trying to decide which flock to go to.

    But then, I really mustn't turn your blog into some kind of political sketch show :)

  2. I feel a bit like that drawing, too!

  3. Kat, that sounds like a complicated drawing. I see where you're going with the idea, though! We are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place in my opinion.

    Laura - I'm still like that this morning!

  4. I feel like that today although sadly sans wine (replace with coffee).

    I am faced with ridiculous bureaucracy and sleeping on someones floor :(((