Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pin it Forward - What home means to me

To me, home means... cosy evenings with the husband, reading in bed, wearing whatever makes me comfortable, pottering in our sweet little garden and growing my own food, then cooking and eating it, outdoors or in. My parents instilled in me a love of cooking and the heart of my house will always be the kitchen table where we eat, talk, laugh and relax. Home means surrounding yourself with people you love - I wish I had more room for them, but even in our tiny house we have hosted parties for sixteen people! It is wonderful to hear your home resounding with laughter.

I dream about living a simple and wholesome life in Wales, which will hopefully become a reality very soon, surrounded by objects that I love and vintage pieces that have been loved by others before me. I love wild walks in the hills and to me, that countryside is also my home.

Living so far away from my friends in London will be sad, but when they do come to visit, they can make it a kind of holiday! Hooray for holidays at (my) home :-)

My home will always echo with music. This is our piano, lovingly rescued from a junk shop and played, if not with consummate skill, at least with gusto by both of us. I like to think that I fill my home (and our poor neighbours' too!) with my sparkling Mozart, rigorously observed Bach, sensuous Brahms and ethereal Debussy, but in reality I think things are a bit more ear-achey!

Home means happy memories and my wonderful family. I grew up in the most incredible place (at least in my opinion!) and I miss it desperately when my thoughts turn towards it. I have so many memories of idyllic picnics, running wild in the house, wading in the River Severn, playing in the parks, picnics by the riverside, and living an unconventional childhood above our takeaway... I could write about it forever.

Click over to my Pinterest board for more images of 'what home means to me'. Links to image sources can be found there (some of the pics are of my own garden/house). Here is my Pinterest homepage.

Thank you kindly to Sandy a la Mode who Pinned it Forward to me yesterday. Sandy is a sweet Taiwanese American who, to my happy surprise, shares a lot of things in common with me - sewing experiments, making and eating delicious food, a mild obsession with dumplings/wontons/baozi, bubble tea, she wore at least three wedding dresses on her wedding (eep! I wore 4 in total (don't ask, I'm Chinese)), and loves writing about crafts and personal style - from clothes to home decor. Please do go over there and see what home means to Sandy - I loved her inspiring and pretty post, so it's well worth a look!

Tomorrow I Pin it Forward to Em at Ohgoshem. Like me, she comes from the UK, is trying not to panic about turning 30 within a year, and is an arty type of girl who likes cake and meeting up with friends. All good things, I think. Please head over to her blog tomorrow to see what she comes up with - I look forward to it.

Thanks to Victoria at sfgirlbybay for organising Pin it Forward, and to the people at Pinterest. This has been fun.


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for the sweet words about me and my blog! It's great to see that we do have soo much in common! =) I love the collages of pictures that you have created! I love that your home is always echoing with music, I would like to have that in my house too, listening to music is always soo relaxing, especially piano! I'm so thankful for this Pin It Forward that i was able to meet you!

  2. Hi Sandy! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment - I don't get nearly as many comments as you do on your blog so it is much appreciated. I was really pleased to have ended up doing Pin it Forward after someone who had such similar kind of interests to me. I will definitely keep visiting your blog to see how you are doing - you seem to have so much fun in your life :-) And I loved your post about making Mr. Meaty!!! So pleased to have met you.

  3. "It is wonderful to hear your home resounding with laughter." I love having a houseful of friends. I feel like the energy of it sort of feeds the house energy. Is that too metaphysical? lol!

  4. wonderful pinboard, and post! i could scoop up most of what you pinned! lovely!

  5. Bobbi - Hi! I think you're right. It seems to be more alive when there are people in there, somehow more vital and warm. Thanks for stopping by!

    Victoria - I'm so pleased you took the time to read my post, and that you liked what I pinned. Thanks for organising this, it was great!