Wednesday, 26 August 2009

another random drawing

I've just added a link on the 'also find me at:' section on the right. It is a link to one of my other blogs called (in my typical ladylike fashion) This is where I write crap. I have been writing this for a little while and it's the place where I write stuff that doesn't really belong here, where mostly (with some lapses!) I blog about things that are related to my work and other design-y junk. This other blog is where I indulge myself more personally - food (a LOT about food), memories, Chinese cultural stuff, random, ranty soapbox moments. But don't judge me by it! I am not as grumpy nor as neurotic as I appear on it. I just thought maybe some of you might be mildly diverted by it. Today's post was mainly about Vietnamese sandwiches and congee. Yesterday was about a curious thing called pickled tofu. It's like that, I'm afraid.

As you will gather from the most recent post, I'm off on holiday next week for ten days. So, a couple more bits and bobs here this week, then I'll be off to NY and beyond! Whoop!

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