Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I have a weakness for chairs. We have a set of dining chairs handed down very charitably from Mark's grandmother, but they have been coated in a heavy-handed, grim teak varnish and have bulbous carvings on their legs. I hate them, but can't bring myself to replace them yet - it seems ungrateful not to keep them, and reckless to buy things we don't really need. But to soothe my eyes I did get a lovely pair of old chapel chairs from a shop in Cambridge a bit like the one pictured above. Similar ones can be found at Church Antiques. I like the little shelf on the back that would have held prayer or hymn books. I don't care at all to have a matching set of chairs - I like the eclectic look of several different styles grouped around a table, and hopefully these two will be the start of my collection.

I have fallen head over heels for this set of walnut Thonet chairs from Pigeon Vintage. However, their rarity and simple beauty gives them a price tag of £850 for a set of four. Ouuuuuuch! Dang. If only Grandma had possessed a set of these instead.

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