Thursday, 20 August 2009

you look away for a minute...

well, for a week, let's say, and you end up with this:

I had EIGHT of those bastard giant courgettes (thankfully two have been given away and we ate an enormous one last night). And the giant vat of tomatoes? Panzanella for lunch today. That's what you get for spending too much time working and not enough time pootling about in the garden. The pumpkin plant has turned into some kind of gargantuan triffid, our runner bean frame has collapsed under the weight of its load, and I have a pile of potatoes to unearth this weekend. Garlic too. The weather has been marvellous again for the last few days, although spending most of them enduring bum-and-thigh-sweat in London hasn't been the best way of enjoying it. The heat in London yesterday made the streets smell like Hong Kong, stuffy with the odour of drains and rotting vegetables.

I am glad to be home again, and my laptop is working. I have lost some data from my old hard drive but hopefully I'll get it back soon, and I'm spending the day trying to reinstall my old software. Almost there! Then things will get back to normal. If only I could get this damned scanner driver installed and working. Grr!

So yeah, it's been a tough week (tough job - I ended up weeping like a baby in front of my agents on Friday, which was very unseemly) - one of the longest of my life, or that's how it feels at least! I'll be back with something fun tomorrow. Thanks for reading! I missed being here.

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