Monday, 24 August 2009

the weekend...

... was mixed. We went to a lovely house party on Friday night, drank FAR too many cocktails, went to bed at 5.15am and woke up still drunk four hours later. We couldn't drive home until nearly 3pm, at which point my hangover started and lasted until Sunday, I swear. I was still breathing alcohol fumes yesterday, or that's how it felt. So Saturday was a bit of a non-day. Yesterday, whilst still feeling iffy, we went to Newmarket Racecourse to an antiques fair. It was marvellous fun.

Since it was our anniversary, Mark bought me a beautiful vintage Sussex trug with a lovely aged patina - much nicer than new ones, which can also cost a lot of money. We took it straight home and into the garden, where we had rather too many vegetables to pick. The courgette situation is getting out of hand. I look away for two days and there are five more, all massively overgrown.

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