Tuesday, 25 August 2009

not much to say for myself today

My badges arrived today! They are very lovely. I think I will send the husband to work wearing a different one each day this week. They will be for sale in sets of four some time in the distant future when I have the time to set up shop :-)


  1. haha you amuse me muchly ^_^
    I am a student studying Graphic design in New Zealand and in my research have stumbled across your marvelous work.
    I am currently designing my own Childrens book which will be published on completion. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Scottie. Thanks for your lovely comment! I am dying to do a children's book myself - jealous! Let me know how it goes :-). Please keep reading - I really appreciate your support.

  3. Really pleased you like your badges! I thought you would! Good luck with getting your shop up and running :)

  4. I will do!
    At the moment I’m just trying to get a consistent style which looks unique. (Hence why I’ve been sourcing inspiration from you =)
    I find you’re cute messed up characters very appealing. In the past, I designed a poster and CD compilation in a similar style inspired by the artist Serge Seidlitz...I would love to show you.
    But these illustrations for my childrens book needs a warmer cartoon feel whilst still being a bit cheeky. How did you originate your own style? Do you have any artists that you have gained inspiration yourself?

  5. Hi Scottie - I struggled for quite a long time with the idea of 'style'. People tell me I have a distinctive style now, but sometimes I still feel like I haven't - but I think it's the ideas crucially and the unique way in which each person handles a pencil that ultimately dictates your 'style' - my only advice to you would be to never fight what you really want to do. Don't try too hard to be anything you aren't and it will happen eventually. When clients ask me to work in a style that isn't mine, my work never ends up as good as I think it could be, so just be yourself as much as you can.

    I liked Serge Seidlitz's work - thanks for the heads up! Would love to see your own work some day. Artists I like... that's a difficult one in many ways. Tell you what, I'll think about it and write a post up in a couple of weeks' time about my inspirations - there are a few already up on the blog, labelled 'illustrators' or 'inspiration'.

    And hi Kate - the badges are great, aren't they?

  6. Thanks heaps Karen! Ill keep an eye out for it and make sure i read it! hope you have a great time in New York!