Friday, 28 August 2009

bye for now!

I will be jetting off to New York followed by the US Virgin Islands on Monday. I'm terribly excited not only because I haven't been to NY in ten years, or because I can't wait to be hit by a hurricane in the Caribbean (!), but mostly because holidays are the PERFECT way of indulging my list-making habit. I love making lists, loads of them, all overlapping in content and intent, and scattered around the house such that not ONE of them is any use, but all together they are a beautiful summary of my life.

I'm not really as cynical about holidays as the picture below suggests, but I really miss eating enough fruit and vegetables when I'm on holiday - there's never quite enough!

I will be taking not just one, but two cameras with me, and my sketchbook. But chances are that I won't take any good photos, nor draw a single thing whilst I'm away. I look forward to returning here again the week commencing 14th September. Until then, keep safe and see you soon! x

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