Monday, 13 September 2010

antiques fair finds

I hope you had a good weekend - ours was blustery and rainy, but it didn't deter us from going to nose around the antiques fair in Oswestry on Saturday. It was the usual mix of terrible ceramics, silver and glassware, rescued by the occasional vintage gem. I saw some pristine, unused 1950s bread knives with lovely coloured handles, and an amazing vintage route-length-measuring map which used a fascinating wire mechanism: the pre-cursor to Google Maps, I think. There were also some beautiful vintage RAF canvas sacks and three sweet children's school chairs - if only they had them in adult sizes!

What did I come home with? Four seriously dirty (I mean they've been stored in a shed and have dead insects, fossilized chicken shit and even egg yolk on them - I am trying to clean them without vomiting) wooden boxes to store our junk in, a giant glass mixing bowl/jug and a 1970s globe. I could have spent much more but I restrained myself! I'll post up a picture of the boxes as soon as I have finished cleaning them :-)


  1. This is a much prettier globe than the damaged two I bought last weekend - the nice ones were all well over €50 and no-haggling-thank-you-very-much. Maybe I should go to Oswestry instead of Lille next year? :-)

  2. Oh, that's a shame :-/ They can be really expensive if they are particularly nice. The one I got isn't as old as I'd like, and whilst the arc is metal, the base is metal effect bakelite. It also lights up! There are sometimes a few on eBay, but the best ones again are pricey.

    How was Lille? I expect it was probably still better than a provincial antiques fair, despite the lack of affordable globes :-)