Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Today I'm obsessing about James Leonard 'Esavian' desks and chairs. These were designed for the Educational Supply Association Ltd. in the late 1940s and 50s and have become a bit of a design classic. I'd love one of these desks in my studio to use for painting and general messiness. I think the aluminium legs would be a welcome break from all the wood I've got! The chairs I'm not so bothered about - I like their shape, but I'm not a big fan of leatherette so I'd probably choose a different chair to go with the desk. Unless I could get my mitts on a plywood version, like this headmaster's chair.

I saw a set for sale at Trainspotters for £450(!), which is a bit steep for me, so I had a hunt around for others and found Tuderhoff (via eBay), which specialises in mid century furniture. Here are links to the desk (£250), and chairs (£78 each).

Other items that caught my eye:

Vintage stackable stools, £35 each.

A pair of oversized school stools, £330.

A set of four Remploy vintage school chairs, £180.

Sadly I am on a furniture-buying hiatus until we buy a house to fill!

Images from Salvoweb and Tuderhoff.

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