Thursday, 9 September 2010

desk lamps

Let's consider desk lamps today. I've been snooping around eBay recently looking for a replacement for the 1990s space-age metallic green coloured monstrosity that currently lights my workspace. Incredibly, some time around 1996 I think I ditched my old red anglepoise-style lamp for what has become the biggest eyesore on my desk. Sure it's lasted a long time and seen me through countless exams and hours of hard work but the bottom line is, it's hideous. I need something better. Surely I deserve it, given that I have to sit in front of it all day long?!

So what'll it be? A 1960s Conran-designed Maclamp with wooden arms (the one above went for £100 on eBay!)?

Or maybe a vintage Anglepoise 1227 in black or cream? (If only one could find ones that aren't prohibitively expensive!)

I really like the industrial look of this vintage Memlite lamp.

Or maybe I could go for something like this counterbalanced grey beauty from Pigeon Vintage (sold, but there's a similar one here on eBay).

If you like the wooden arms on the MacLamp, Graham and Green do a new lamp based on a similar idea for £169, and some other charming retro lamps too.

Or the most affordable option I have found is this one at Rockett St. George, which has been doing the style-pages rounds for a couple of years now and is currently sold out. It's a very good price and quite sweet, if a bit small perhaps.

What I'm really hoping for is to find an absolute beauty for a bargain in the antiques fair in Oswestry that we will be going to this weekend. Fat chance!

Oh, and if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this and this - finished layouts for some ads I drew for Fiat 500.

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