Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I've loved the shop RE, or Re-found Objects, for years now and was delighted when we received a gift voucher as a wedding gift. Two years on, bad me, I still haven't bought anything, not through lack of wanting anything from the shop, just plain old indecision.

So yesterday, after I said I was on a spending hiatus for home stuff, I suddenly remembered this voucher sitting in my desk drawer simply crying out to be spent! OK, I know I don't have a house to furnish, but if I choose things that I like, surely they will work in any space, right? I will simply need a few extra boxes for when we move house again :-)

Here are a few things that I like from their current collection:

Peruvian hand-painted tin cans for a bit of kitsch and colour. Sadly sold out :-(

Recycled glass drops, £1.50 each. (I already own some of these though!)

Green American milk glass bowls, £48 for three.

Vintage pressed glass.

Vintage baking trays, from £8.50. If only I could bake...

I promise I'll draw something today!

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