Thursday, 16 September 2010

Drawn - adulthood 03

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Once you manage to escape the Market Hall in Ikea, you think you might be safe. That is, unless you have to navigate the wasteland that is the Warehouse. Even if you've carefully copied down the location of the furniture parts that you want, success is never guaranteed. God help you if the thing you are looking for comes in several parts. You will NEVER find all the pieces, in the same colour and undamaged. And if you do, you will have spent half the day and worn out a pair of shoes wandering aimlessly down aisles, muttering things like 'Billy, aisle J, 27a, birch finish...' And then you won't even be able to find the tills without picking up another piece of useless junk. Oh, an ice-lolly maker! I've always wanted one of those!


  1. OMFG This is absolutely true. The mad bunnies truly resemble me :)

    I feel honoured!

    Today I described how 70% of the stuff I have put on my living room shelves was academic including a large collection of Journal of Fish Biology. This is not really "adult life" but academic life.

    However, when a work colleague said "now, thats not going to attract a husband now is it Kat". It reminded me of the fact that when you hit 26 suddenly you are an old maid and everyone suggests you find a nice man. Brushing my hair might help with this endeavour.

    PS Can you do copies of any of this? I almost want this map on my wall. I would pay obviously. But it would describe the whole process of renting my own house perfectly :)

  2. dear god, I can't even write properly any more either-and I'm writing a paper this afternoon. Did I actually go to university or was it all imagined?

  3. I think most of, at least our shared experience of, university was imagined :-) Or may as well have been. I certainly sleepwalked through a lot of it, or so it felt.

    Well, being an academic can have its advantages - general chaos and lack of organisation because you're 'too busy trying to work out the meaning of life' is a bit better than me (today at the bank in front of the local business manager) just shrugging and saying 'I'm creative, whaddaya expect? Accounts?' I am a mess...

    But don't worry too much about the husband thing - they are overrated :-) and one that likes you with unbrushed hair and too many irrelevant books is what you should be looking for!

    Of course I can do prints of the drawing! Let me see what I can do and I'll let you know.x

  4. These are brilliant Karen, so funny and so true. Can't wait for more!

  5. :-) Thanks! I'll try my best to do more.