Monday, 20 September 2010


Did you have a good weekend? We went to celebrate my sweet brother-in-law's 18th birthday in Leeds and officially welcome him to adulthood. The card I drew for him went along the lines of 'adulthood isn't about freedom, it's about being chained down by your neck by responsibility and shit like that'. I am busy busy this week with so many things that I can barely think. It's time I grew up and got a diary.

I was determined not to put the heating on in the house until October. Last night, the husband cracked and turned it on because neither of us could feel our feet any more, despite socks and slippers.


  1. For clarification, that's two pairs of socks (one thermal) and slippers on my feet, two jumpers, a shirt and vest on my body and a pair of cotton joggers on my legs and I was still cold. Once this fails, the carbon footprint has to grow.

  2. OK, OK. I forgive you. I was f***ing freezing too. xxx