Monday, 29 June 2009


Yeah, yeah, so it's too damn hot to think in this studio. I'm pathetic - it's not even that hot today and I'm wilting like a lettuce leaf in vinegar. Pathetic!

What better to do than indulge a little in my favourite things? I have an unhealthy relationship with bowls, jugs and chairs. I am scarily attracted to these items in shops. Mark has said that I'm not allowed any more jugs or bowls unless I start to get rid of some too. Our house simply isn't big enough for my obsessions and weaknesses. Today I thought I'd look at some bowls. I know, it's that bad here. I can't be bothered to do any work. So here are a few pretty things.

Blowfish Bowl from Anthropologie.

Cordoba Bowl from Anthropologie.

River Delta Bowl from Anthropologie.

Large Moroccan Bowl from Maroque.

I already have this one from the Taika collection designed for Iittala by the wonderful illustrator Klaus Haapaniemi. More on him another time.

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