Friday, 26 June 2009

dylan martorell

I first came across the work of Scottish artist and musician Dylan Martorell when I saw these fantastic wall stickers for sale on French website, Domestic. They are also available from If only I were brave enough, I'd either have these lovelies (picture above) on my wall, or do something like this myself. I mean, what would be cooler on your wall than a bird riding a leaping rhinoceros, or a weird lady-creature playing a saxophone with two cats coming out of it? I have wanted these for about a year now but I'm not sure if they would suit our house, although they suit my illustration taste. I'm always wondering too if it's just a passing fad I'm having, but since they are easily removed I guess it wouldn't hurt too much if I only liked them for a year. Maybe I should get them for our future place, which I'm already dreaming of - light-filled rooms with high ceilings and tall windows... ahhh...

This magnificent wallpaper panorama can be yours for £424!

Anyway, I came across Dylan's work again at the Portfolios Show I was attending a few weeks ago. He is represented by Jacky Winter Group in Australia, where he now lives. I love the intricacy and rhythm of his work, and the slightly dark themes influenced by myth and tribalism amongst many other things I am sure.

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