Monday, 8 June 2009

busy busy!

Had a marvellous weekend in the rainy Cotswolds, where we spent a lot of time in antique shops and walking around the countryside looking for long barrows (ancient burial grounds). Not had a chance to see the pics yet. Mostly we took photos of mounds of earth in the rain, so I'm not too hopeful that any will be worth looking at apart from for posterity's sake.

I've been away today at the Portfolio Show in London helping my agent, Jelly, set up their stand. We have been drawing an old-fashioned room scene on the boards that will form the backdrop. I must be getting old - three hours drawing on my knees and I'm starting to creak! I've got to be there tomorrow too, so I'll not post anything new up until Wednesday when I'll be writing about some French children's book illustrators. I will also be posting photos of our lovely stand if I get any good shots. I'm looking forward to eating their home-made cakes tomorrow as my reward... yum yum!

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