Friday, 12 June 2009

pretentious country girl in wax jacket?

I can't believe I've just spent the last hour or so looking for wax jackets on eBay - my life is so tragicomedic sometimes. I think this country air must have gone to my head... I used to have one when I was about eight years old, but I can't decide if it would be cute or ridiculous now. Probably dancing on its tippytoes somewhere between the two. I'd probably look like I was pretending to be someone who lives in the countryside, or some foreign girl who wants to look English. Damn, I've got some issues...

Anyhoo, they cost a hell of a lot of money new, so eBay or vintage it would have to be. It should be green and slightly oversized, and most importantly NEVER worn done up to anywhere above the midriff, even in a snowstorm (see how much better the top image looks than the bottom one? or is that just me?). I don't know, I talk such rubbish sometimes.

Image from sellers brudnell (top image) and Yorkshirecountryman on eBay.


  1. I used to have a (cheapo not Barbour) navy one as a kid. If memory serves me correctly it leaked a bit in the rain, took forever to dry out and weighed a ton.

    I'm more a fan of the woolly jumper. My knitting isn't quite up to a big hooded number yet (but I am lusting after a knitted dress...)

  2. You can't beat a Barbour,they can be addictive, and Yorkshire Countryman seems to have an extraordinary selection of 'as new' ones, I have bought 4 different styles for less than a new one! Bring it on Winter, I'm ready!

  3. hi 'anonymous' - I can't wait either :-)