Monday, 22 June 2009

the weekend...

...was a bit painful. Lots of housework. Lots of wandering forlornly around tile shops looking for something to put on our newly nude kitchen floor. Most tiles are so vile! So cheap and nasty you can see the dot matrix of the print on them. Yech! We had a washing machine leak that has caused all our terracotta tiles to come loose from the floor, so it's time for something new. After a terrible, dispiriting crawl around Topps Tiles, we ended up in Fired Earth where not only did we find something tolerable for the floor but where I also picked up some more pretty tiles to use as coasters! They have a lovely selection of loose wall tiles that can be bought individually for whatever purpose you like. Our favourite was the Turkish-inspired Tabriz range. I love how patterns are popular again after so many years of minimalist snoredom. Hooray for colour!

Then it was into the overgrown garden for a spot of mowing and a hardcore battle against the tenacious weeds. The colours out there at the moment are quite lovely, though. Plus my tomatoes are growing and I spotted some elderflower blossom that had drifted into a bucket in the sun. A good end to the weekend.

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