Thursday, 18 June 2009

lacking in list, and some auction action

Listless, that is. Feeling very tired and a bit overwhelmed. I'm not the best at coping with too much work and a garden that's threatening to turn into a jungle... I went out there yesterday for the first time, it seemed, in weeks to find that the weeds have grown positively Amazonian in size and spread, one of my pumpkin plants is dead (oh woe!), and the grass is ankle deep. I spent a lot of time earlier this year tidying it up and planting my veg but I've been so busy with work and going places at weekends that I've let it slip this last month. And what with all the rain and sun it's now gone BOOOMPH! with all manner of unnameable plants and now I've got a hell of a lot to do to tame it again. That said, I spotted my first pea pod (yeah, they're a bit late...), and the runner beans are going bonkers.

'Le Vieux Roi' Lithograph on paper by Pablo Picasso, 1959.

It is Willingham Auctions time again on Saturday. This month they've got prints by Picasso, Karel Appel, Braque and Matisse up for sale. Plus some more lovely chemist's bottles, which will always sell for more than I'm willing to pay. We're probably going to give it a miss this time though because we really need to practise our housework skills!

Carborundum print by Karel Appel.

I was looking at some watches like these last time and thinking that, with an estimate of £20-40, it might be quite fun to buy something like this and use them as pendants on a long necklace or something like that. I saw such a thing at Urban Outfitters the other day and whilst not all the watches would be suitable (they might be a bit large), a dainty little one would make a much more interesting and unique version of the high-street item, which I think was £24. I particularly like the enamelled one in the picture above. There are also lots of pocket watches and stopwatches, but they might be a bit big for hanging off your neck. Not bad for £20-40, though, eh?

All images from Willingham Auctions.

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  1. Said clock necklace only seemed to be in Urban Outfitters for about 2 weeks! I liked the one which had little gold leaves.