Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I seem to swing from day to day between pretentious art critique and girly shopping craziness, and missing out posting about my work altogether... So today I've decided to write about coasters! Yes, those things you put drinks on if you're precious about your furniture. And yes, I'm precious about my furniture.

I hate coasters. I think they can be so ugly and unimaginative. I've been looking for sensible and pretty solutions for some time and had the idea of using old tiles. To this end, when we were in the Cotswolds recently I bought two Victorian tiles from an antiques shop. Now they are a bit large for coasters, but they are quite pretty, nay? Much better than the old DVD I was using, which made me want to weep.

Now I've seen these before, but a greetings card that I bought recently reminded of Xenia Taler's lovely hand-made tiles which can be hung on the wall or used as coasters and trivets. They are treated to be heat-resistant, cork backed and have a groove for hanging too.

If you don't fancy tile coasters, how about these fun button coasters from Eden & Eden?

I really need to do something better with my time...

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