Tuesday, 12 January 2010

as promised...

I said last Friday that I would show you my new boots. In the end I didn't buy any of the pairs I was mulling over in December. Unfortunately they are quite fashion-standard and not that weird: I went for a pair of worker boots from, of all standard places, Faith. They are a bit like the Frye boots I was looking at, but taller (good) and with no silly zip (also good). All it means is that it takes me five minutes to put them on :-)

I do have quite muscular legs so I have to be a bit careful, but if I wear them with the right clothes I hopefully won't look like a bloke. Some florals or cute stripes should do the trick, or I could do bare legs and patterned socks in the spring. Right now this type of grungy boot is ubiquitous, but I am hoping that they will not be so 'fashiony' by next winter so I can look appealingly out of date come then. I think they will look better once I've battered them around a bit.

I'll be back later with some more, but non-sartorial, nonsense.


  1. Oh my f***** god I love those boots!!!! I have been debating for a while whether I can get away with the longer length black lace up DMs. They are a bit teenage, but the only way I can get longer boots to fit is if they have laces.

    After my feet hurt from walking round glasgow I've gone off my only other pair of long boots. I wore my purple DMs for 8 years. I do miss that sort of durability and comfort...Not very good on snow though.

    PS I have started a blog. It looks a bit creepy-freaky.

  2. Thanks love. Yeah, it can look a bit teenage, but I think if you wear these kind of boots with the right thing it will be OK :-) And you're still young!

    I've not tried these boots on the snow yet. I've been in walking boots most of the time.

    Liking the blog x