Wednesday, 20 January 2010


You'd think I might have stamped out my boot obsession by now, having just bought myself a pair? Not me! I was eyeing up these beauties from Free People in the US when I was on the hunt, but the $35 shipping rate was a bit steep on top of some of the prices. I wish I weren't such a miser! Now I look back on them, some of them might just have been worth the cost to ferry them over the pond to my waiting, adoring hands... If you have a scout around the site, there are some lovely brogues/oxfords too. Here are a few of the boots, with links:

Terri boot

Sausilito boot

Carley lace-up boot

Old English boot

Acme boot

I really need to think about something to write about other than clothes and accessories. I haven't been junk/vintage shopping in ages. I imagine I sound like a stuck record sometimes. Sorry to anyone who is finding me very very boring right now! I'm kinda bored of myself.

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