Friday, 22 January 2010

Just a note about stripes and Welsh blankets

Whilst I'm away can someone get me this ticking striped bed linen (above and below) from Toast? I think I need it for my mental health. Really. Oh, and a beautiful Welsh carthen tapestry blankety thing like the one above would be nice too. Get them new or vintage here, here, here or here amongst many places, and get the amazing grey one above (gosh, my sleuthing skills are shit hot today!) here. I've also seen them in places like Labour and Wait in London, and eBay too. In case you want to know, my birthday is in December, but I am very happy to celebrate and receive gifts for, like, quarter birthdays or something :-). And I want that house in Wales to go with it! Do I ask for too much? :-) Do you get the feeling I am aiming this post at the husband, who never reads this blog? Do I not already have too much striped bed linen, only not in that grey/ecru colour? Shall I shut up now? (yes).

From Toast

Something a bit brighter, if you like, from The Linen Press

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