Monday, 18 January 2010

the weekend...

was dull. I worked hard. We made and ate some good food. That was kind of it. I need to get out of the house.

In order to entertain myself, I:
1) Did some shopping on eBay (grey wool Jack Wills sweater, tweed 1940s pencil skirt...) and ASOS (new navy cardigan, stripey tunic). Naughty me!

2) Tried wearing my hair in a topknot (felt ridiculous, but I actually really liked it - very arty. Gotta be careful I don't make myself look 40 years old though, or like an extra from a Chinese martial arts movie).

3) Seriously considered wearing high waisted peg leg trousers. They can look great on some people and awful on others. Not for the faint-hearted, nor those worried about their bum looking big. I think I'm not tall enough, and they really should be worn with vertiginous heels which aren't really my thing. Worn with flats I would look like a fat dwarf.

4) Thought about canvas army surplus bags, mostly from this site. There are some quite nice foreign bags out there - not your usual grungy studenty webbing bags - with leather linings, leather straps and nice details. I think I would like one as a kind of sketchbook/paints bag. Or do I have too many bags already?

Finnish respirator case

Swedish canvas rucksack

French leather-lined satchel

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  1. Beautiful bags. The french bag is the best. I got one about two years and its really strong stylist.